create a new empty preset.

Open cmd-o
open a preset with a file open dialogue.

Save cmd-s
save current preset.

Save As cmd-shift-s
save preset as a new file.

Revert To Saved
dismiss the changes to the opened preset and revert.

Load Reference Sample
open an audio sample to use as a synthesis modelling reference. See using samples.

Unload Sample
if an audio sample is loaded, this unloads the sample.

Save Sample Pitch Env
Save the wave-pitch envelope to a file that will be automatically loaded (instead of tracking the pitch again) next time you open the loaded audio sample. This provides consistency of the reference when you need to work back and forth with multiple samples.


Undo cmd-z
Undo the last vertex editing action.

Redo cmd-shift-z
Redo the last vertex editing action.

Erase Verts del, backspace
delete the selected vertices of the currently focused panel (the panel outlined with a blue border).

Extrude Verts e
extrude the selected vertices of the currently focused panel. See Editing Workflow

Audio Config Edit
Edit the audio device configuration and midi settings. you would change the samplerate, the audio buffer size, or the audio device.

Collision Detection
When this is true, all editing actions that would cause vertex paths. to overlap are prevented. Under certain conditions, overlapping can occur and the mesh will seem stuck, so to continue editing you must disable collision detection.

Select With Right Click
Swap the actions of the left- and right-mouse buttons for vertex selection and creation.

Use Native Dialogs
Use the operating system's dialogs instead of Cycle's.


Verts & Lines Display

On Hover
Show panel vertices and vertex paths on mouse hover.

Always show panel vertices and vertex paths.

Displayed Processing Stage

Just Wireframe
Show the unprocessed wireframe visualization of the Time Surface.

After Envelopes
Show the sound's visualizations after including envelopes in processing.

After Spectral Filtering
Show the Time Surface visualizations after processing through the Spectrum Filter.

After Effects
Show all visualizations after processing through enabled effects.

Waveform Waterfall
Show the waterfall visualization of the waveform surface.

Editing updates

Update On all events
Update the display after all editing actions.

Update On drag release
Update the display only on the end of a mouse drag. Select this to improve performance if necessary.

Use OpenGL for rendering
Set to use OpenGL (hardware graphics acceleration) for rendering or software rendering.

Use Larger Vertex Points
Enlarge the vertex points.


Apply a declick volume envelope to the voice.

Pitch Bend Range
Set the pitch bend range in semitones.

Blue-dim Mapping
The modulation mapping that is the assigned as the source for the blue dimension part of the morph position.

Quality Options
Adjust the quality options for realtime and render.


Online Tutorials

This help section.


A quick visual guide to Cycle.