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Common Tasks


How do I make a high-pass filter?

  • In the Spectrum Filter's controls area, set the layer mode to spectral-filtering.
  • Click the power button if it is not highlit to enable the layer.
  • In the spectrum editor, add a point at the lower left and another one at middle right
  • Drag on the curve to adjust the sharpness around those two nodes so it sounds the way you like.

A pitch range is louder than others.

Sometimes a filter or effect can cause resonance at a certain pitch that makes it louder than the others.

To reduce the volume at a particular pitch range:

  • Click on the red (key scale) x-axis button on the Morph Panel. This will bring up the 3D envelope editor.
  • Identify visually on the waveform surface the pitch range where the sound is too loud (should look higher contrast than the rest).
  • Select the Axe tool.
  • Mouse wheel up or down to change the size of the tool so you can chop all lines in the envelope at once.
  • Chop the lines at just below the pitch region that is too loud.
  • Chop in the middle of the pitch region that is too loud.
  • Chop just above pitch region that is too loud.
  • If there are any currently selected vertices in the envelope, press 'a' to deselect them.
  • Shift + left-drag to box-select the new vertices at the middle of the pitch region.
  • In the Vertex Params panel, drag left on the amp slider to reduce the amplitude of the envelope at that pitch.