Great Results With Using Your Own Convolution IRs

Great Results With Using Your Own Convolution IRs

Postby zenwarlord » Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:05 am

One of the most outstanding and unique features of Cycle is the ability to convolute the patch/preset. I achieved spectacular results IMHO by creatively using this, and what makes Cycle a good value for keyboard artists looking to find your unique voice. It really alters the game - its a game changer for synth part writing generally, as much as Iris2 is good for beds/drones/pads overall, this feature in Cycle works for any style, and the two work very well together. Try an ambient flute sample as an IR for example., or a rhythmic or arping sample, or a metallic one. The possibilities are endless! This is somehow more basic and controllable than granular synthesis. This is going to make it easy to capture interest from listeners.

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