Patch update 1.8

Patch update 1.8

Postby Daven » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:12 am

  • Better UI responsiveness
  • Added Envelope Options
  • Added visual helpers
  • Workflow additions
  • VST3 support

UI Responsiveness

Graphic optimizations increase framerate 2-4x over v1.7, depending on the system. This makes editing
feel less sluggish, or if your system is powerful enough, you can now avoid detail decimation altogether.

In the Graphics menu there are three levels for detail decimation available.

Added Envelope Options

- Global triggering
- Time scaling
- Tempo sync to host
- Dynamic (while live)

Time scaling will increase the length of an envelope in multiples of the overall preset duration. This is
a useful feature for sounds that have a long decay, where nothing much happens timbrally after the first few seconds.
Another use is for slowly evolving pads that need a long-running envelope loop.

Visual Helpers

A deformer assignment can now have a visual tag showing which deformer channel the vertex cube is connected to.
Where applicable, newly added axis scales are also available.
To better support high-resolution displays, multiple scaling sizes of vertices and other graphic elements has been added.
Find these options in the Graphics menu.


The playback line on the envelope window more accurately shows the current position in the envelope, taking looping and sustain/release state into account.

Workflow additions

It used to take several clicks, or unusual precision bring vertices close together, say to make a sawtooth transient. In v1.8,
holding down the Left Alt/Option key, vertex movement will be restricted to within its neighbouring vertices, and no
precision is required.

In addition, the CTRL and SHIFT modifiers will restrict vertex movement to just vertical and horizontal directions, respectively.

VST3 Support

VST3 support improves compatibility with Steinberg products.
On windows the installer offers the four combinations of 32/64bit VST2 and VST3.
On OS-X the installer now offers AU, VST, and VST3 options. Support for the AAX format is incoming.


On the standalone application, you may now change presets with the fast-forward and rewind media keys.

Hope you're all enjoying the new year :)
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Re: Patch update 1.8

Postby Ameyah » Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:30 pm

thanks for the v1.8 and i hope you will fix that bug in the installer i mailed you.
looking forward to new versions soon-
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Re: Patch update 1.8

Postby Aanszen » Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:55 pm

VST3 Support! :o Could it be working for me now? :shock: But I swore last time I wouldn't lose my time again trying... What a sucker, I had to try! :oops:

Well... At least the VST3 version let Cubase 8.0.20 start up. But it won't even let me create an instrument track with it. The x64 VST isn't so merciful and crash Cubase when it is scanned, as is its wont for more than a year now.

Still as buggy as ever then. :roll:

Must be the third time I came here fully ready to give my money for this synth. I totally like it and get it, in theory. Would be nice if it ever existed. One day. :mrgreen:

Now to the chore of uninstalling. Must be as buggy as before I 'spose. I can't complain. I knew all of it before even downloading the demo.

And guys... as I said before: you really need to test the demo before buying.
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Re: Patch update 1.8

Postby zenwarlord » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:03 am

This is an enomously promising platform. It is heartening to see it coming together and its a shame patience of potential users is lacking the way it is. If I was the developer I might give up; which is obviously not what potential users want. Maybe the developer can find a way to finance this through some other project, but I would really say that the appeal exists in concept, but the marketing in the way of youtube vids is geared toward genius level users. There was a product for making percussion sounds called Stomper years ago (which I think still works on XP). I am reminded of it here because I think the immediacy of the waveform generation/editing of Cycle was hinted at in it. Is there a way to compete and spend time and resources furthering this technology in terms of creating percussion sounds?

I know I would need a college level tutorial program to get the most out of this synth in terms of general pitched sound design/editing; but I am in the market and looking for a percussion sound design platform . Could this be used and what would be the workflow, such as source wave files and edoting approaches? (Of course, 24 bit wave import is a feature already, but how apt would this be for this purpose, of refashioning existing percussion sounds, like hats, snare, bass drum, etc.?
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