Amazing Synth!

Amazing Synth!

Postby Doug » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:47 pm

Thanks Daven for all your hard work.

I downloaded the demo yesterday and had some time today to play with it.
Wow! The sounds are HUGE!!!

No issues with anything significant as far as i could tell.
I'm using Cubase 7.5 on Vista with a fairly old pc.
Last week i was 'trying to' get Izotope Iris 2 to play ball and i can confirm it failed miserably in almost every way. Even stand-alone...
In a very simple sense it's barely fit for purpose. So i'm glad i can now get similar and in some cases much better sounding patches for a lot less!

Not sure which version i've got of the demo. I'll check tomorrow.
There may be a ui glitch i noticed so i'll confirm in due course after i've got up to speed with the forum.

Do you have any info on the differences between the demo and full version please? A list of the patches would be nice.

Best regards

Best regards
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