Patch Update 1.5

Patch Update 1.5

Postby Daven » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:59 pm

Important: I patched the wrong OSX demo installer to the server - was the 1.4 version, as of 5pm ADT Sept. 15 it will be the v1.5. The download page should say it's a recent file too.

Sincere apologies for being absent - addressing financial "challenges" we'll say. However Cycle development will continue regardless, so fear not :-)

Speaking of which, new in v1.5:

  • Convolution reverb.
  • In-app tutorial framework.
  • Improved noise sound quality.
  • Impulse Modeller effect has new zero-latency processing.
  • 20 General-purpose automatable modulation sources.
  • More deformer targets.
  • Memory leak and several bugs fixed.

Convolution Reverb

Replacing the stock reverb effect (Freeverb) is a proprietary convolution reverb.
By creating room impulses algorithmically, this effect has the smooth, non-metallic sound
you expect from a convolution reverb, but with common reverb controls: room size,
dampening, stereo spread, and high-pass filtering.
Listen to a sample.

Tutorial Framework

Cycle is a complex beast so instructive content can always be helpful. To that end
a powerful XML-based tutorial framework is in place to guide users with sound design
and with the different parts of the synth.


A tutorial for our purposes is a step-by-step guide. At each step, a dialog box
points to some area of the user interface. Each step can require conditions to be met before
moving on, and it can perform one or many pre-set editing actions.

Essentially all functions in Cycle can be controlled by a tutorial file, for example
playing notes, adding points, moving points, adding layers, changing modes, etc.

An included tutorial "Sound Design: Epiano" walks the user through every step of creating a
particular preset, with each step performing all the actions needed. Future tutorials will be
distributed using this framework.

Sound quality improvements

In presets where spectral noise is involved (e.g. in preset "BaroqueFlute") there were
some phasing artifacts with the noise. This is fixed.
A case is now fixed where oversampled waveshapes would not de-click correctly.

Impulse Modeller Latency

Using a new convolution algorithm (shared by the reverb), the Impulse Modeller
is now zero-latency rather than the 512 samples latency of v1.4.

More Deformer Targets

Vertex paths along Red and Blue morphing ranges can be deformed in v1.5.
A simple example is making a spectral peak hit a certain harmonic across the key-scale range:
this requires an exponential curve, which now can be done using a deformer curve instead
of many line segments -- here's a visual comparison:


Envelopes now allow deformer assignments:


The combination of these two changes means envelopes can have a more natural response
to velocity -- the length of the decay curve can extend exponentially as velocity increases, just as you would expect in real life.

Mod Matrix Utility Parameters

Some hosts do not readily allow the automation of MIDI CCs, so a set of 20 utility
parameters is now part of the Mod Matrix to act as automatable modulation sources.
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Re: Patch Update 1.5

Postby Zxayant » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:17 am


Hello Daven,

I am glad to tell you that now with v.1.5 I FINALLY managed to get the plugin working!

And thus I've purchased it. This is a great synth which is capable of amazing (realistic) sounds! And without having a substantial CPU load! (A certain German synth developer with a 'cult following' could learn a thing or two from you) ;)

A few glitches I noticed:

- when I open the plugin for the first time the GUI is in 50% mode and the tabs on the right side are not working.
They only activate when I first swith to 100% mode and then back to 50% mode.

- in Mulab 6 the menu's at the top and the left side won't stay open. The top menu's only 'flash' when I click them.

- and this is probably a one-of-a-kind situation: I use a program called 'Chainer' to randomize presets. When I use the 'randomizer' I notice that the 'waveshape editor', the 'magn spectrogram' and the 'wavefom surface' displays do not update. I have to click in an editor or on a parameter to update the displays

BTW. How do I access the in-app tutorial?

Kind regards,

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Re: Patch Update 1.5

Postby Daven » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:05 pm

Happy to hear it's working Z! I'm sure I'd have a lot to learn from said certain German developer too.

Tutorials are in Help > Tutorials submenu.

I'll look at that GUI problem, thanks for finding it. One of those features I haven't used in months..

Regarding Chainer, yeah the GUI responds pretty much only to user stimuli (mouse events, keyboard) - if otherwise then automation would drown the CPU by triggering a huge amount of recalculating and redrawing the visuals, hence they're detached somewhat.

Disappearing Menus... hmm. Reaper does that if the plugin isn't "pinned" on the desktop - I don't suppose there's a similar feature in Mulab? Hard to believe this still happens with Juce v3, but it's probably hackable.

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Re: Patch Update 1.5

Postby Daven » Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:17 pm

I just realized I missed something (small) in the Windows installer, the tutorial files aren't moved from the temp folder on installation.

To anyone wanting to see them before I fix the installer, or if you want to avoid reinstalling at that time, you can do the following:

- Unzip the attached
- copy the folder to My Documents\Amaranth Audio\Cycle\
- start Cycle, the items should now be in the Tutorials submenu.
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Re: Patch Update 1.5

Postby Daven » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:26 pm

Minor update today:

- tutorial files included in installer
- mod matrix no longer a "heavy" window, it now works better with the tutorial framework
- an intermittent hang on close fixed
- on OSX, settings file has read/write permissions for all users, hopefully this fixes some persistence issues
- couple of new presets

Also updated the product page, though I expect it's not as relevant if you're here. Soon I'm going to update the audio demos page with some Cycle-only demo songs.
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